Three Reasons Business Travelers Should Stay in Furnished Apartments

Some business travelers make frequent yet short trips to other cities throughout the year, and each of these business trips may only last a day or two. Staying in a hotel while attending a conference or a few meetings out of town for a couple of days may be ideal. However, if you plan to be out of town on business trips for a few weeks or longer, a short term rental in a furnished apartment is a better idea than staying in a small hotel room. In fact, there are three good reasons why furnished apartments are a preferred option over hotels for your longer trips.

Home-like Comforts and Amenities
If you travel frequently, living out of a suitcase in a cramped hotel room can be less than ideal. Furnished apartments are full living units, and they are thoughtfully equipped with private bedrooms, a full bathroom, a well-outfitted kitchen and more. There is ample storage space for you to unpack your suitcase and settle in, and you typically have access to a full washer and dryer as well as a full-size fridge to store your food in for added convenience. Essentially, you can make yourself right at home.Affordable Short Term Rental Rates
You may think that you would have to pay a fortune to enjoy a short term rental in furnished apartments, and you may think that you would have a hard time getting your company to sign off on this type of expense. However, compared to paying the nightly rental rate at a nice hotel, a furnished apartment is usually a more cost-effective option. This is particularly true when you factor in the fact that you can prepare many of your own meals in your apartment’s kitchen rather than dining out. Visit Premiere Suites for more information and resources.

Space to Stretch Out and Relax
When on business trips, it is critical that you remain sharp, and you must be well-rested to accomplish this. When you stay in a furnished apartment, you will benefit from feeling right at home with comfortable furnishings and linens. You can easily stretch out and relax in your apartment during your free time so that you are sharp and focused while at work.

Traveling for business can sound exciting at first, but it can lose its appeal when you are forced to live out of a small hotel room for weeks on end. If you are planning an extended business trip in the near future, it may be more advantageous to sign a short term rental on a small, furnished apartment. Take time to explore the options today, and you can enjoy the benefits of your apartment throughout your upcoming trip.

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